This site is dedicated to the restoration of ALG 743B - a 1964 Series 2a 88" Landrover. Over the coming months (maybe years !) the site will be expanded as the restoration progresses. I will endevour to show all the main aspects of the restoration via an extensive array of images which can be found in the "progress" section.

The purpose of this site is to help and inspire prospective restorers or maybe just entertain the less ambitious. Please bear in mind this is the first full restoration (and website) I have ever taken on, so please be patient!

First encounter,

This is how "ALG743B" looked when I found it in January 2002. As far as I'm aware It has resided in this yard since the summer of '01 and I believe the previous owner had stored it under tarpaulin since the late seventies! The engine is a 2.25l petrol and there is a recorded mileage of 82 thousand miles on the clock. It has been roughly re-sprayed in light blue, the original colour being a darker "Marine" blue. The vehicle seems to have retained many of its original parts and the panels are quite straight however it will require a new chassis.

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